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How to avoid Coronavirus from Wuhan? Our ideal wedding dance solution !

How to avoid Coronavirus from Wuhan? Our ideal wedding dance solution !

How to avoid virus while preparing your wedding dance? By now you probably know that the best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid unnecesserary human contact. That may be very tricky during the preparation of your wedding dance. Moreover your dance instructor is touching dozens of people every day, which is obviously a bad thing nowadays.

So how can you possibly learn to dance, without touching your instructor, while being perfectly save, saving time and money?

Check out our solutions below !

What makes online courses such a splendid solution? How come today, especially with the Coronavirus insanity, are online courses in the top 10? Read the following responses!

• "Learning to dance online is a fun alternative for people who have limited time during the day, live abroad and do not have opportunities such as those living in the area, and they want to enchant all guests with the performance of their first dance on this special day."
• "It's a great idea for people who want to dance at their own pace in a friendly home environment, without the stress of anyone judging how they practice their routine."

• "It saves time on commuting as well as the ability to practice when we have free time."
• "You can always go back to the segments that need to be polished or just simply be refreshed."
• "It's an great idea for couples who work opposite schedules, because it's hard to meet together for practice in the dance studio."
• "This is an option for anyone who lives far from a dance studio."
• "This is an ideal option for people who are parents. You don't have to get a babysitter or take work off."
• "It’s mainly freedom, we are alone and no one is watching, and doesn’t comment that I didn’t get it right again. You can repeat this as long as you want and as long as you have strength."

• "It's a terrific option, because I have the impression that this course adapts to us, not us to the course."
• "The online form of learning dance is much less costly than dance school lessons and therefore you can save."
• "If you are studying, working and still have a child, it’s very difficult to get everything done, thanks to the online course you can learn anytime."
• "It's a nice time, just the two of us. This way, if we don’t know what to do, we can always spend the evening in a very cool way."
•"This is a great option for people who work at such hours that enrolling in any local dance school borders on a miracle. "
• "It is an option on breaks during work or on the way back home to watch the prepared choreography and arrange everything in your head. "
• "This allows you to create a wonderful and romantic atmosphere, that also stimulates the senses and allows you to feel the atmosphere. "
• "You can learn the basics and use them later in life. Even after a few years you can go back to the

clip and somewhat remind yourself."

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to learn how to dance online!!! We cordially invite you to choose your favorite choreography!

Kisses Paulina :)


Dance Tutorial: Willow - Jasmine Thompson

Dance Tutorial: Willow - Jasmine Thompson

Regular price: 100,00 € incl. VAT49,80 € incl. VAT
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri - Dance Tutorial

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri - Dance Tutorial

Regular price: 100,00 € incl. VAT49,80 € incl. VAT
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
User friendly website, professional materials to download. Value for money service.
My fiance and I inquired about a tutorial that hadn't been translated to English yet, and Paulina was very helpful! She gave us a discount to the Polish tutorial. Even without understanding the words, the tutorial was great. The instructors went over each section for each partner, and the tutorial finished with them dancing to the counts from two different angles so we could see all the moves clearly. We spent hours learning it in a week instead of the recommended three months, so it wasn't perfect - although the tutorials are good enough that if you take the time it definitely could be! Regardless, our guests loved it, and my now-husband and I had so much fun!