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Wedding Dance Online

Do you want to prepare your First Dance easily and without stress?

Based on years of experience in teaching couples, we've created Online Dance Courses that will allow you to easily and stress-free prepare for your dream First Dance in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our choreographies are designed to look beautiful and enchant guests, yet we also ensure that the routines are easy to master for those without dance experience.

What you get:
  • Immediate and unlimited access to the course
  • Routine expained in small, easy-to-practice parts
  • Each step explained from both the gentleman's and the lady's perspective.
  • Precise counting of sections and the entire choreography
  • Entire choreography with counting to music
  • MP3 with music
  • Possibility for feedback
  • Tips on how to practice effectively
  • PDF Checklist - Before the First Dance
  • Streak Counter - Track Your Progress, Stay Motivated
  • A downloadable course that works offline


What if we didn’t find our song on the website?

Write us an email at with the title of the song you've chosen for your first dance. We'll guide you on which available choreographies will match your selected track.

What if I can't find a tutorial for a song that is published on your YouTube channel?

This might mean that we are currently working on the English version of that tutorial. In such cases, please email us at [email address]. We might be able to find a solution to expedite the release of the course for you.

How long before the wedding should we start practicing?

The earlier you start preparing, the better. Sometimes, couples worry that starting too early might make them forget the choreography. In practice, it's much better to master the entire routine earlier and then practice it at least once a day until the wedding day. This way, you'll develop what's called muscle memory and feel well-prepared. Remember, the last few days before the wedding can be demanding, making it harder to find time for calm practice.

What if we have no dance experience and think we have "two left feet"?

Don't worry, even if you've never danced before! Our courses are designed for all skill levels, including absolute beginners. You'll receive detailed, step-by-step instructions that make every move simple and enjoyable. Our materials are crafted so that anyone, regardless of experience, can find joy in dancing. Give yourself time and be patient – with us, you'll discover that dancing is pure fun!

How much space do we need for practicing?

Less than it might seem :) We choreograph and practice in the living room of our apartment, moving the table to create a space roughly 2 x 3 meters :) This size is enough for practicing and mastering sections of the routine because you can always return to the center. In this space, you can also rehearse most of the routines entirely, but with slightly smaller steps and movements. Through such practice, you'll memorize the entire routine, but remember that nothing replaces practicing on a dance floor close to the size of your intended dance floor for your First Dance. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to conduct a final rehearsal at the location of your wedding reception. Doing so will make you less stressed, help you become familiar with the dance directions in that particular room, the available space, and the floor's slipperiness.

What if we don't want to do lifts?

If you've chosen a choreography that includes lifts, don't worry! We offer a special BONUS: a file titled "Instead of Lifts." Inside, you'll find creative and impressive alternative moves that you can use to make your choreography just as spectacular without the lifts!

Which choreographies are the easiest?

If you're looking for something simple or need a "last-minute" routine, check out our choreography filter labeled Easiest to Learn

How will I gain access to the tutorial?

Within a few minutes after your order is processed and payment is confirmed, you'll receive an email with a link to download the course. You can download the files to your device and use them at any time and for an unlimited period. :) You can also log in to your account on our website and go to the section: Completed Orders -> My Files.

How long will I have access to the course?

You can use the course forever. Download the files to your device to use them anywhere and for an unlimited time.

Do we always need to have internet access?"

The course also works offline :) Once you download and save the files on your device, you can use them without limits! :)

About Us

Passion and experience

Hi, it's Paulina and Paweł, together we have over 30 years of dance experience, numerous titles and sports achievements. We've participated in „Dancing with the Stars.” We've made multiple appearances on TV shows regarding dancing and preparing for the first dance. We have also performed numerous dance shows during prestigious events. Together, we're finalists of many tournaments and Polish Championship winners in Pro-Am ballroom dancing.


What matters most in our work, is not just our ability to dance but also to teach others. We’ve spent years specializing in the First Dance. and after preparing hundreds of wedding couples during "live" lessons, we know precisely what works in the First Dance. We know which choreographies make couples look and feel their best. We use this experience to create courses that are easy-to-master and simple to follow for everyone.

Best regards,

Paulina Janicka and Paweł Staliński


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
It’s working. We are learning quickly. I wish there were a male and a female voice to do the dub overs. Right now it’s 1 male. But it’s a tutorial, and we are learning quickly. So can’t complain.
I fell in love with the "Dos Oruguitas" wedding dance tutorial that I found on YouTube. Unfortunately, the tutorial was not out. I emailed Paulina, and she generously offered to create a special product so that I could download the course in Polish. She even gave me a discount! Thank you, Paulina, for the amazing service and product. The tutorials are of high quality and contain everything you need to learn incredible choreography for your wedding dance!