Order cancellation


8.1.        The right to withdraw from a distance contract is not available to the consumer in relation to contracts: (1) for the provision of services, if the Seller has fully provided the service with the express consent of the consumer who has been informed before the performance of the service that he will lose the right to withdraw from the contract after the performance of the service by the Seller; (2) for the delivery of digital content that is not stored on a tangible medium if the fulfillment of the service started with the consumer's express consent before the deadline to withdraw from the contract and after being informed by the Seller about the loss of the right to withdraw from the contract.

8.2.        With the exception of the agreements referred to in point 8.1, a consumer who has entered into a distance contract may, within 14 calendar days from the date of the contract, withdraw from it without giving a reason and without incurring costs. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry. A statement of withdrawal from the contract may be submitted, for example, in electronic form in accordance with the contact details of the Seller provided at the beginning of these Regulations. An example of the withdrawal form template is included in Enclosure no 2 to the Consumer Rights Act. The consumer may use the template form, but it is not mandatory. In the case of a Product which is a service, the performance of which - at the express request of the consumer - began before the deadline to withdraw from the contract, the consumer who exercises the right to withdraw from the contract after making such a request, is required to pay for the services fulfilled until the withdrawal from the contract. The amount of payment is calculated in proportion to the scope of the service rendered, taking into account the price or remuneration agreed in the contract. If the price or remuneration is excessive, the basis for calculating this amount is the market value of the service provided.

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